My small business Frobelle Naturale launched earlier this year with just a single product, the Moisture Enriching Hair Butter. The response has been amazing and now it's time to include more handmade natural products.

This weekend, we are launching our natural handmade bar soaps and 100% satin jumbo bonnets. In the weeks to come, there will be many more new releases added to our line. This journey has been exhausting but also gratifying. I have learned so much about ingredients, product formulation, skin care over the last few months. 

Being eco- conscious matters to our brand, so we aim to stick to low waste products such as bar soaps, minimal packaging and biodegradable materials wherever possible. 

Check out the pictures below to see some of our new releases and also shop our website

                                                                     OAT & HONEY VANILLA SOAP 

100% JUMBO SATIN DOUBLE-LINED BONNET (Comes in olive green and black)

                                                            TURMERIC & LEMON HONEY SOAP 

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