2020 was wild to say the least but we made it!! WE MADE IT Y’All!!! 
Congratulate yourself because last year tested even the strongest of us!

If you’re reading this post, promise yourself to never take life for granted EVER!!

2020 was my NO year!

Fun Fact: before 2020, I had worked almost every single day for 10 years. No kidding! That’s nuts y’all. My body needed to rest and I had to listen to it!
Thanks to Corona Virus for making the decision easier..

Another fun fact: I accomplished 90% of my 2020 goals by March, 2020 !!
So happy for 2021 and all the blessings of this new year!!

2021 is my YES year! This year I’m saying yes to everything good!! I plan to FOCUS on my Luxury Hair Care Line @frobellenaturale, create more wealth, maybe become a mom again - if God wills. Hopefully invest in property, and continue travel nursing.

As for my YouTube channel, I will continue to post short vlogs. As I get older, I crave more privacy and intention with my content, especially on YouTube. I want every video to be creative, purposeful and educational. If it’s not up to par, I will not post it.

What are your goals for 2021? Don’t be shy, share below! The universe listens 
What videos will you like to see on my channel in 2021?
#happynewyear #Godisgood #grateful #blessed

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