My only child, Kammy baby just turned two years old. There's a new video on my channel 
on how we celebrated his 2nd birthday. However, I thought I should write a blog post reflecting on my femininity journey since becoming a mom, the ups, the downs and everything in between. 

As you already know, I worked till the day of my labor. I had a wonderful 3 months maternity leave then decided to go PRN and finally quit my full time job.

Guess what I did next?? I became a stay at home mom!! OMG!! 

As a self-professed workaholic, this was quite the adjustment. 

Fun Fact, my mom was a stay a home mom for a good part of my childhood. I'm
so grateful I got to experience the chillness and easiness of not having to work outside the house especially during a world renowned pandemic. I LOVED IT!! It was absolutely perfect in the beginning, until I realized how much work it actually was! 

Being a mom is a full time job my loves! My initial intention was to stay at home for a few months but after Covid 19 was announced, I definitely did not feel comfortable going back to work, so I stayed home longer. 

Here's my least favorite part of staying at home - I gained a whopping 40Ibs!! 

The best part about being a stay at home mom was I got to experience what it was like enough to know that I took too long of a break. I love to stay active and I think having an actual job helps me stay fit and in shape, and also connected to people. However, staying at home gave me the time, freedom and flexibility I needed to create and complete my luxury natural hair care & Lifestyle brand, Frobelle Naturale, which I had been working on for years (we are currently sold out and will be restocking in a month).

I am forever grateful to my husband for providing me this choice, this luxury that I so desperately needed. 

Will I ever do this again? Yes I will, however, I'll probably take a maximum of 1-2 months. The shorter the better for me. Anyway I'm back to working full time now and I'm absolutely loving it! 

Who else became a stay at home mom during the pandemic? How was your journey? 

Kammy's 2nd Birthday Vlog 


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