According to the CDC, black mothers in the U.S die at 3-4 times the rate of white mothers. This is an issue. A big one that should not be overlooked especially if you are currently pregnant and are a woman of color. 

I am grateful to have this blog and multiple platforms on social media which I can use to bring awareness to this issue so you can be more informed to make good decisions as you plan for the delivery of your baby. 

A little background about me, I am an ICU nurse, wife and mother of one. A lot of my tips will come from my personal experience with childbirth and also stories from mom friends and coworkers alike who I will keep anonymous. 

I personally know more that 3 black friends who had issues like pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes and other pregnancy complications and had to deliver their babies prematurely. I was fortunate and blessed to carry my baby till 38 weeks and 6 days. My son arrived a week earlier than his due date. He arrived safe and healthy which is all that matters. 

Anyways, lets get into the tips...

TIP 1: You have to stay healthy during your pregnancy. This is non-negotiable. Also stay on top of your pre-natal appointments. 

TIP 2: Eat healthy. This includes cutting down on carbs, taking your pre-natal vitamins daily, and increasing your vegetable and fruit intake. I did not eat bread for the duration of my pregnancy. My very good friend Mal, brought me bread after I gave birth and I will forever be grateful to her lol.

TIP 3: Exercise. While I was pregnant, I had my first trimester off due to morning sickness but the rest of the time up until I had my baby, I maintained my full time job as a nurse which was amazing because as you know, nurses walk a lot! I joke about how my job is a workout on it's own. 

If you don't have a job that forces you to be mobile, you need to prioritize going for long walks and going to the gym. Exercise is crucial during pregnancy. 

TIP 4: Have a birth plan but be FLEXIBLE. Every birth is different and yours might not look like that of another woman so be willing to let go of some control and go with the flow. Ultimately, the goal is for mother and baby to make it out alive and healthy.  

TIP 5: Drink more water. No alcohol. No soda. 

TIP 6: No Smoking. Limit Caffeine. 

These might seems like a lot of tips but I honestly believe having a healthy baby is worth all the sacrifices. 

I look at my son and I am 100% proud of how disciplined I was during my pregnancy. If I can do it, so can you! 

                                                EPIDURAL vs  UNMEDICATED BIRTH

I am team epidural. Proudly and 100%. I personally won't recommend or attempt an unmedicated birth after what I went through to deliver my baby. The nurses had asked me to get an epidural and I waited too long. I eventually got the epidural 30 hours later and OMG, it was the best experience I had of my entire pregnancy and labor. It's been 2 years after and I don't have any nerve pain or issues from the epidural. A lot of my nurse friends also got the epidural and had an easy and amazing labor. Please REFUSE and REJECT the "strong black woman stereotype". Life is hard enough for black people, pregnancy/labor does not have to be. 


- I will wait until my due date 

- I will get an epidural right away. No hesitation. 

P.S: I have a few pregnancy and baby related videos on my youtube channel, feel free to check them out. 

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These tips are NOT medical advice. Always consult with your OBGYN to figure out the best and most effective treatment for you. 


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