“a woman’s hair is her crown” 

There are many stories about my natural hair. if you stick around long enough, I promise to let you in on EVERY single one of them! 

Do you wanna know about how I went natural?

When I came to the US in 2011, my hair was relaxed but I had it in a sew-in and had a leave out. Hold up! Lemme know the type of weave where you leave your hair out in the front? YES, that one! That’s exactly what I wore in the winter. 

Coming all the way from hot humid, Lagos Nigeria to the cold midwest and experiencing my first winter ever - let’s just say, my hair did not like it. My “leave out” broke off. And so I chopped off my hair - actually, I did a Mohawk. 

I decided to grow out the Mohawk, that was my way of transitioning. And so I transitioned for months. I later discovered youtube and was enchanted by the self-love and confidence exuded by these natural haired women on youtube. I WAS HOOKED! There was something about these magical black women that I wanted for myself.

“I'm black too! What is missing?”

IT’S THE HAIR!  it’s our Black Natural Hair! 

That was all the motivation I needed to do the big chop! I started to transition and 6 months later, I did the big chop. 

March, 2013 - Luchi was re-born. 

Are you natural? What's your natural hair story?

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