Last year we welcomed our first child, the love of our life, our son Kamole or as we like to call him, Kammy Baby! 

I’ve never felt as much joy as I did when he came into the world! The feeling of having a child to love and nurture and also receive love from is indescribable!! I’ll always remember how he latched onto my breasts for a whole hour after he was born. The warmth of his fresh baby skin against mine is a feeling I’d never forget! 

Our son brought another dimension of affection to our relationship! I got to experience my husband, Rafiki, in a different light that made me adore him even more! OH MY!! The way he cares for our son - he holds him and protects him like only a father can.

As for me, to be honest, It was a bit of a challenge with mom-wife-work life balance. Working full time as a nurse in the ICU while breastfeeding was not the easiest. My coworkers were amazing at helping me out as a first-time mom. They encouraged me to pump at work and watched my patients while I did and I'd always be grateful for that! However, Rafiki and I decided it was best for our family to let go of my full-time position and focus on our family.

This year, I'm grateful that I get to take care of our family while also creating natural hair content and Rafiki also gets to provide for our family while working his dream job.

A lot has happened since then and I look forward to continuing to share my motherhood experience with you! 

How has motherhood changed your life? 

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